Crimson Trail


This trail was the "Senior Walk" for Brigham Young College's graduating class until the college closed in 1926. The school colors were crimson and gold—thus the trail's name. Most of the trail follows the China Wall on the south side of the canyon. This exposure gets more water than the north side, so the vegetation tends to be more lush. It also remains icy until late spring. The trail looks down on Guinavah Campground some 600 feet below. The Spring Hollow end of the trail is above the group reservation sites.



  1. Spring Hollow Campground, 4.3 miles from Logan
  2. Guinavah Campground, 5.3 miles from Logan


Trail Information:

Spring hollow is just beyond Third Dam. Cross the bridge, turn right, and park. The trail starts a short walk up the road in the upper group area at the small bridge. The Guinavah trailhead is across the bridge near the amphitheater parking area. Use caution in descending the short, steep slope as you come off the China Wall near Guinavah. There is steady climbing at each end, but the view is worth the effort. Either way, you can make a loop by meandering back on the Riverside Nature Trail.

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