Temple Fork Sawmill Trail


This very enjoyable walk along Temple Fork Creek leads you to the site of a saw mill that was built in 1877 to provide lumber for buildings in Logan. remnants of the road can be seen along the trail. The road from Logan to Temple Fork was built about four years before the mill closed in 1883. The mill burned down three years later. Some of the equipment was salvaged, but some pieces are still there. The foundations of cabins used by pioneer workers can also be seen in the clearing at the site. Look for the commemorative monument for more information.



1.5 miles from the Temple Fork turnoff


Trail Information:

The first 3.5 miles of this trail is part of the Great Western Trail, a north-south trail system that runs from Canada to Mexico through five western states in the United States. The trail splits at the second bridge. Stay to the left to go to the saw mill. The trail to the right continues on the Great Western Trail.

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