Green Canyon to Tony Grove


The trail follows the crest of the Bear River Range for several miles. Most of the trail is in the the Naomi Wilderness, and it passes Jardine, Beirdneau, and Elmer peaks. Some of the most rugged areas of the range can be seen from the trail.


About 5 miles up Green Canyon Road, which starts at 1600 East 1900 North in Logan (North Logan). The road enters an open area and the trail starts on the right side near a fence.


Trail Information:

The trail climbs to just below the summit of Mt. Elmer, which is only a few hundred feet from the trail. It circles around the side of Mt. Elmer, down into the upper park of Cottonwood Canyon, then back up about 800 feet to Cold Water Spring near Tony Grove Lake. This hike is worth the effort. Tis trail can be easily lost, as numerous sheep trails and avalance debris chutes intersect it. Carry a map because there are few signs on these wilderness trails.

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