Wind Caves Trail


The delicate triple arch and natural cave is near the top of the China Wall geologic formation on the north side of the canyon. This is part of the same formation found on the Crimson Trail on the south side. It is dry enough for hiking in early spring. Big-tooth maple trees are abundant and fossils from the Mississippian period are common.



Located 5.2 miles up US Hwy. 89. The trailhead is across from Guinavah-Mailibu Campground.


Trail Information:

This is a popular trail because it is short, steep, and uses lots of calories. This side of the canyon is warm, so you may be lucky enough to see or hear a rattlesnake. If you do see a snake, please do not disturb it. There are very few left in the canyon. Bring plenty of water and please do not cut through the trail's switchbacks.

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