Old Juniper Trail


A good view of the main ridge of the Bear River Range can be seen from many points along the trail. The paths of several winter avalanches are also visible and there are many flowering plants and shrubs during the spring and summer. Fall colors are outstanding and generally peak in late September. The old Jardine Juniper is estimated to be over 1,500 years old.



Wood Camp turnoff, 10.4 miles from Logan on US Hwy. 89


Trail Information:

Cross the bridge at Wood Camp to the small parking area up the hill. The trail crosses a streambed near the beginning and again at about 1.5 miles later on the south side of an open area. The trail divides at the ridge above Cottonwood canyon. The left fork goes to the upper part of Cottonwood. Take the right fork to the juniper. The trail splits at about 4 miles to loop around a hill; the left fork overlooks Cottonwood Canyon, while the right fork overlooks the Logan Canyon area. At about midway around the loop a short spur trail switchbacks down the hill to the tree.

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