River Trail


The River Trail follows the Logan City water line, which is buried beneath the road and passes Stokes Nature Center. The trail parallels the river and is never more than a few hundred feet from US Hwy. 89, although traffic is not visible for most of its length. The trail goes south above Bridger Campground and Gus Lind Flat Summer Home Area. It passes Third Dam and ends at Spring Hollow. Moose have been seen near the river, and many species of birds and plants can be observed.



  1. Across US Hwy. 89 from the forest boundary sign at the mouth of the canyon. The gate is usually closed and locked.Park at the boundary sign and carefully cross the road.
  2. Second Dam
  3. Bridger Campground just past Zanavoo
  4. Gus Lind Dispersed Camp
  5. Spring Hollow Campground has a small parking area at the entrance.
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